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Dillon RL550C Press


  • Dillon RL550C Press
  • Latest 550 Design
  • Requires Conversion Kit & Dies in Your Caliber
  • Image Shows Optional Extras - Not Included
  • Part #14261
Included: Machine with 1 Toolhead, Straight Operating Handle, Small & Large Powder bars, Powder Bar Spacer, Spent Primer Cup and Slide Assembly, Cartridge Collection Bin, Primer Tubes, Powder Measure Failsafe & Instruction Manual.

Note:  Image shows the RL550C press with the following optional extras - Strong Mount, Bullet Tray, Plastic Roller Handle & Low Powder Alarm.

Optional Extras Available:
Instructional DVD, Roller Handle (Plastic or Alloy), Strong Mount, Bullet Tray, Empty Case Bin, Low Powder Alarm, Extra Small Powder Bar, Magnum Powder Bar, Belted Magnum Powder System, Extra Primer Pick Up Tubes, Machine Cover, Conversion Kits, Extra Toolheads, Powder Die, Case Feed Kit, Electric Case Feeder.

Dillon's description of this item:
4 station progressive loader
Station 1) resize/deprime/prime
Station 2) powder drop/flare
Station 3) seat
Station 4) crimp
The RL550C is able to load rifle as well as pistol cartridges The RL550C uses standard 7/8 by 14 thread per inch dies, as long as they deprime in the size die Manually indexed shellplate Manually fed cases and bullets Capable of loading 400 to 600 rounds per hour
Lifetime "No-B.S."  Manufacturers Warranty
List Price: $1,049.95
Price: $999.95
899.96 AUD
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Federal Brass


  • Federal brass cartridges are resistant to corrosion.
  • Able to withstand the high pressures of cartridges, and allow for manipulation via extraction and ejection without tearing the metal.
  • Brass cases can be reloaded many times.
Note:  Price is for 50 x 308 cases.  Prices differ upwards for additional claibres.  Select your desired calibre from drop down menu.

List Price: $72.95
Price: $69.95
62.96 AUD
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Federal Projectiles
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First time available in Edge TLR
Premium Bonded Projectile(s)
Also available in 12 round deveolpments packs (not TLR)

  • Robust bonding maximises weight retention
  • High performance polymer tip for flat trajectory
  • Exterior skiving for optimum expansion
  • Solid shank for bone crushing penetration
  • Grooved shank minimises fouling and improves accuracy
  • Boat tail design
  • Very Hi BC in the TLR
  • Demonstarted expansion out to 900 metres (TLR)
List Price: $66.20
Price: $59.95
53.96 AUD
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Forster Co-Ax Press


  • Original Forster Bonanza Co-AX press
  • The simplest, most powerful and most accurate press on the market, bar none
  • Awesome for full length Resizing - No Stuck Cases!
  • It's reputation Speaks for Itself.
  • Part #028271
  • Made in USA
List Price: $869.95
Price: $829.95
746.96 AUD
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Hogue Stocks & Grips


$30 off $30 off
  • OverMolded Rifle Stocks & Grips
  • Sleek, Straight Comb
  • Varminter Style Forend
  • Ambidexterous Palm Swells
  • Cobblestone Texture
  • Sling Studs Fitted
  • Exclusive Recoild Pad Fitted
Indicated price is for a Ruger 10/22 stock.  Prices may vary for other stocks.

Because of the huge range of stocks available, we only hold a few here at our warehouse, many others are available from our NZ supplier.  Please check the dropdown menu below and if necessary please email us to check price & availability. Please click here to email us
List Price: $179.95
Price: $149.95
134.96 AUD
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Hornady Vibratory Trickler


  • Save time and improve reloading accuracy and efficiency with the Hornady Vibratory Trickler.
  • High, low and variable settings trickle all forms of powder.
  • Modular design allows user to position Trickler body where needed and makes cleanup quick and easy.
Hornady Part #050102

List Price: $84.95
Price: $79.95
71.96 AUD
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