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A&D Scale - FX-300i


  • A&D FX-300i Scale
  • Weighs Up To 300 Grams
  • Displays Grams, Ounces, Pounds, Carats, Grains, Tael & Tola.
  • Minimum Display 0.001gram / 0.02 grain.
  • Extremely Accurate & Consistent Milligram Scale
  • Magnetic Restoration Balance
  • Uses Patented Super Hybrid Sensor
  • Quick Stabilisation - 1 Second Resulting
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display - Easy to Read
  • Bi-Directional Interface RS-232C
  • Immune to EMF of up to 10V/m
  • Includes Draft Shield
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
We are  an approved retailer for this A&D Precision Balance.  Full  warranty and after sales service is available through A&D Australasia
List Price: $1,449.95
Price: $1,345.95
1,211.36 AUD
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Caldwell Accumax Premium Bipod 6-9"


Achieve maximum accuracy with the Caldwell Accumax Carbon Fiber Bipod. The Accumax Premium Carbon Fiber Bipod attaches for easy and secure lock-up. It features quick-deployment carbon fiber legs with 90 degree forward locking method or backward method with spring-loaded buttons. The Premium Carbon Fiber Bipod also features an omni-directional ball mount for 360 degree panning, a lever lock handle for fast adjustments, and of course, twist-lock leg length adjustments.


List Price: $329.95
Price: $309.95
278.96 AUD
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Dillon XL650 Press


$150 off! You'll never see these prices again. 

Note: these come fitted with a calibre. Saves $180 over the bare press.
  • Dillon XL650 Press  
  • Conversion Kit Installed (select  required caliber from menu below)
  • Requires Dies (Any standard dies will fit)
  • 5 station progressive loader
  • Station 1) resize/deprime
  • Station 2) powder drop/flare
  • Station 3) powder check
  • Station 4) seat
  • Station 5) crimp
  • Mechanically indexed shellplate
  • Mechanically inserted cases, manually fed bullets.
  • Casefeed tube to automatically insert cases.
  • Capable of loading 500 to 800+ rounds per hour
  • Lifetime Dillon "No-B.S." Warranty
XL650 Machine with Toolhead, Powder Measure with Small & Large Powder Bars, Spare Parts Storage Box, Prime System with Small & Large Priming Parts,  Loaded Case Bin,  One Caliber Conversion Kit Installed, Straight Handle, Case Feed Tubes, Powder Measure Failsafe, Wrench set, Instructions.

Image shows some option extras (not included).

Optional Extras Available:
Instructional DVD, Roller Handle (Plastic or Alloy), Strong Mount, Bullet Tray, Empty Case Bin, Low Powder Alarm, Extra Small Powder Bar, Magnum Powder Bar, Belted Magnum Powder System, Extra Primer Pick Up Tubes, Machine Cover, Other Conversion Kits, Extra Toolheads, Powder Die, Case Feed Kit, Electric Case Feeder.

List Price: $1,499.95
Price: $1,299.95
1,169.96 AUD
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Forster Co-Ax Press


  • Original Forster Bonanza Co-AX press
  • The simplest, most powerful and most accurate press on the market, bar none
  • Awesome for full length Resizing - No Stuck Cases!
  • It's reputation Speaks for Itself.
  • Part #028271
  • Made in USA
List Price: $869.95
Price: $829.95
746.96 AUD
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Lyman A8 Turret Press


Lyman"s Brass Smith 8-Station Turret Press is the most feature-packed, rugged turret press on the market! 

The extra-large 8 station turret is machined out of heavy duty cast iron, and equipped with an easily removed turret bolt which makes swapping turrets simple. The 8 die station turret is the largest available and will hold two complete 4 die sets or up to four 2 die sets. 

Below the turret is a rigid cast iron frame, housing a 1" diameter ram and compound linkage. The frame is large enough to work with even the longest rifle cartridges. Work the press handle and you will feel the tight, precision fit and smooth operation. 

Unlike many competitive presses, the Brass Smith 8-Station Turret Press comes with a newly designed straight line primer feed. The straight line primer feed is completely reliable and simple to use. Simply push the priming arm forward at the bottom of the ram travel to position it beneath the shell holder. For added safety, the primer feed comes with a heavy steel shield which surrounds the primer tubes. 

The Brass Smith 8-Station Turret Press is equipped with a comfortable ball handle which can be positioned for either right or left hand use. The Brass Smith 8-Station Turret Press is designed for use with any standard 7/8"x14 thread dies and accepts standard shell holders. 

  • Heavy duty cast iron frame and turret 
  • Extra-large 8 station turret is easily removed to make swapping turrets simple 
  • Holds two complete 4 die sets or up to four 2 die sets 
  • 1" diameter ram 
  • Comes with straight line primer feed with large and small primer tubes 
  • Precision fit and smooth operation 
  • Large press opening, works with the largest cases 
  • For added safety, the primer feed comes with a heavy steel shield which surrounds the primer tubes. 
  • Right or left hand operation 
  • Durable powder coat finish
List Price: $559.95
Price: $529.95
476.96 AUD
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V3 AutoTrickler and Auto Throw for A&D


AutoTrickler is compatible with A&D FX and FZ 120i, 200i, 300i, and 500i, as well as HR-100A and 700CT.
Integrates with your precision balance to measure a charge within 0.02 grains in 10 seconds.
The AutoTrickler powder dispensing system is the perfect combination of accuracy, speed, and automation. 
Whether you are a casual reloader or competitive long range shooter, the AutoTrickler will help you shrink your groups at long range and turn one of the most tedious reloading tasks into an enjoyable one.

Once you place the empty cup on the scale, the AutoThrow will automatically cycle to drop the bulk charge, and then the AutoTrickler will smoothly ramp down to finish precisely within +/- 0.02 grains of your target weight, nearly every time. With a little practice and fine tuning, you can expect to charge 50 cases to the kernel in less than 15 minutes.

With a modular design of 3D printed and CNC machined parts, the AutoTrickler is designed to be both functional and cost effective, and includes all the accessories you need to get the job done
List Price: $1,199.99
Price: $1,099.99
989.99 AUD
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