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A&D Scale - FX-300i


  • A&D FX-300i Scale
  • Weighs Up To 300 Grams
  • Displays Grams, Ounces, Pounds, Carats, Grains, Tael & Tola.
  • Minimum Display 0.001gram / 0.02 grain.
  • Extremely Accurate & Consistent Milligram Scale
  • Magnetic Restoration Balance
  • Uses Patented Super Hybrid Sensor
  • Quick Stabilisation - 1 Second Resulting
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display - Easy to Read
  • Bi-Directional Interface RS-232C
  • Immune to EMF of up to 10V/m
  • Includes Draft Shield
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
We are  an approved retailer for this A&D Precision Balance.  Full  warranty and after sales service is available through A&D Australasia
List Price: $1,449.95
Price: $1,345.95
1,211.36 AUD
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Dillon XL650 Press


  • Dillon XL650 Press  
  • Conversion Kit Installed (select  required caliber from menu below)
  • Requires Dies (Any standard dies will fit)
  • 5 station progressive loader
  • Station 1) resize/deprime
  • Station 2) powder drop/flare
  • Station 3) powder check
  • Station 4) seat
  • Station 5) crimp
  • Mechanically indexed shellplate
  • Mechanically inserted cases, manually fed bullets.
  • Casefeed tube to automatically insert cases.
  • Capable of loading 500 to 800+ rounds per hour
  • Lifetime Dillon "No-B.S." Warranty
XL650 Machine with Toolhead, Powder Measure with Small & Large Powder Bars, Spare Parts Storage Box, Prime System with Small & Large Priming Parts,  Loaded Case Bin,  One Caliber Conversion Kit Installed, Straight Handle, Case Feed Tubes, Powder Measure Failsafe, Wrench set, Instructions.

Image shows some option extras (not included).

Optional Extras Available:
Instructional DVD, Roller Handle (Plastic or Alloy), Strong Mount, Bullet Tray, Empty Case Bin, Low Powder Alarm, Extra Small Powder Bar, Magnum Powder Bar, Belted Magnum Powder System, Extra Primer Pick Up Tubes, Machine Cover, Other Conversion Kits, Extra Toolheads, Powder Die, Case Feed Kit, Electric Case Feeder.

List Price: $1,499.95
Price: $1,399.95
1,259.96 AUD
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Optimus HBC 308 155-grain (100)


Consistency everytime:

Bullet Length = 1..220

Meplat = < 0.020

G1 BC = 0.462

G7 BC = 0.236

Boatail = 7%

Overall projectile length – 1.220

Meplat - < 0.020

Bearing surface length – 0.350

List Price: $45.00
Price: $45.00
40.50 AUD
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RCBS Rockchucker Supreme Reloading Press


  • Designed Specifically for Heavy Duty Reloading
  • Engineered to Handle From .17 to the Largest Magnums
  • Can use with RCBS Case Forming Dies to Make Wild-Cats
  • Includes Primer Catcher & Primer Arm
  • Left or Right  Side Handle Mount
  • Part #09356
List Price: $469.95
Price: $399.95
359.96 AUD
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Redding Versa Pak Pro


  • Redding Versa Pak Pro
  • Contains Many Items for the Serious Reloader
  • Kit Includes:
  1. Match Grade 3BR Powder Measure
  2. 2400 Match Precision Case Trimmer
  3. Model 2 Powder and Bullet Scale
  4. Powder Trickler
  5. Pad Style Case Lube Kit
  6. Deburring Tool
  7. Model 18 Case Preparation Kit (Accessory Handle, Large and Small Primer Pocket Cleaners, 3 Case Neck Brushes)
  8. Powder Funnel
  9. Hodgdons Annual Manual
  10. Imperial Dry Neck Lube
  11. Imperial Sizing Die Wax
  12. "Advanced Handloading, Beyond the Basics" DVD
  • Part #35750
List Price: $1,199.95
Price: $979.95
881.96 AUD
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Stocky's Stocks


We are able to offer the full range of Stockys Stocks to shooters here in NZ.  If it is on their website we can can import it and sell it on to you.  
Prices will vary based on exchange rate but will be locked in once you have finalised your order.  Prices will be competitive. 
Shiping times will be regular to avoid long waits but we are also able to get your stock here quickly if required (shipping calculated on actual charge to us).  
We handle all the hassle of import.
List Price: $1.00
Price: $0.00
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