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Arkansas Large Pocket stone in Leather Pouch


Take it on Your Roar Hunt!
  • Genuine Arkansas Pocket stone
  • Handy in your pack to keep an edge on your knife
  • Real Leather pouch protects stone from damage
  • This model is suited for those that prefer a bigger stone
  • Dimensions 100mm x 40mm x 12mm
  • Dan's Part #MAP42L
List Price: $15.95
Price: $12.95
11.27 AUD
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Caldwell AR-15 Pic Rail Brass Catcher


  • Caldwell AR-15 Pic Rail Brass Catcher
  • Compatible with Most AR-15 & AR-10 Flat Top Uppers
  • Will Also Work with Up to 25mm Risers
  • Holds 100 Brass Cases
  • Durable Bag with Easy Empty Zip
  • No More Lost Brass!
  • Part #530143
List Price: $99.95
Price: $89.95
78.26 AUD
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Dampchaser Dehumidifier - 17W Tube


  • Dampchaser Heater for Gun Safes & Cupboards
  • Economical 17W Power Consumption
  • Warm Air Increases Pressure to Force Out Dampness
  • Simple - Just Plug it In
  • Suitable Up To Approximately 2 Cubic Meters
  • NZ & Australia Standards Approval NSW 22615
  • Dimension 360 x 25 x 25mm
  • Made in NZ - 2yr Warranty
  • Dampchaser Part #17T
List Price: $79.95
Price: $76.95
66.95 AUD
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Dillon BL550 Basic Loader


  • Dillon BL 550 Basic Press
  • Upgradeable to RL550B
  • Image shows Press with Optional  Stand & Accessories
Dillon's description of this item:
The BL 550 is essentially an RL550B without the automatic priming and powder systems. Capable of loading more than 160 calibers- just like the RL550B- it uses any manufacturers' standard 7/8"-14 reloading dies. It's priced comparably with other manufacturers' turret presses; yet unlike them, it's fully upgradeable to Dillon's Progressive RL550B loader!
The interchangeable toolhead makes it quick, easy and inexpensive to change calibers. For example, if you load 30-06 for elk, .243 for deer and .22-250 for coyote, you don't even have to change the shellplate. You simply pull two pins and swap the toolhead with your 30-06 dies to another toolhead with your .22-250 or .243 dies in less than 30 seconds! The additional toolheads are inexpensive- if you load for several rifles it's a no-brainer! Once you get your dies set you'll never have to re-set them.
 A powder measure adapter is available if you want to use a manual measure that you already own. Or, if you want to weigh every powder charge you load, it's easy- you can use a powder trickler with the powder die/ funnel assembly that comes with the BL550.

List Price: $549.95
Price: $539.95
469.76 AUD
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ProChrono Digital


  • Measure bullet, arrow, shotgun & pellet speeds fromm 25 -7000 Ft/sec
  • MPS or FPS readout
  • Review of high, low, average, extreme spread, standard deviation and number of shots.
  • Records up to 9 separate strings with 99 shots in each string
  • Delete shot  & delete string functions
  • Mount of bench or tripod
  • Uses 9v battery (not included
  • Pro Chrono Part #CEI-3800
Made in  USA
2 yr Manufacturers Warranty.

List Price: $299.95
Price: $259.95
226.16 AUD
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RCBS Partner Reloading Kit


RCBS Partner Reloading Kit
Great Starter Kit to Set Up Your Gear
Part #87469

  • Kit Includes : 
  • Partner Single Stage Press
  • RC-130 Scale
  • Universal case loading block (holds 40 cases and fits most rifle and pistol cases)
  • Case lube pad
  • 2 oz bottle of RCBS Case Lube-2
  • Case neck brushes and handle for .22 to .30 caliber
  • RCBS Primer Tray-2
  • Chamfer and Deburring Tool, for .17 to .45 caliber
  • Powder Funnel for .22 to .45 caliber, including the Winchester Short Magnum calibers
  • Latest Edition of the Speer Reloading Manual 
Warranty: Lifetime warranty for home reloaders, warranty does not cover equipment used for commercial purposes 
List Price: $484.95
Price: $474.95
413.21 AUD
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