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Barnes Bullets


  • Barnes Bullets
  • Includes Barnes TSX & TTSX Solid Copper Hunting Bullets
  • Long Range Rifle LRX and Varminator Bullets
  • Handgun  Pistol X Bullets & TAC-XP
  • Lower Fouling, Lower Pressure, Greater Velocity, Better Accuracy
Price indicated is  an average price for projectiles.  Some will cost less and others will be higher priced.  Please open the drop down menu below to check price, quantity/box and  choose  required bullet.
List Price: $89.95
Price: $74.95
67.46 AUD
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Berger Bullets


  • All Berger Bullets are Match Grade
  • High BC for Excellent Retained Energy
  • Outstanding Quality Control
  • Consistent Performance
  • Excellent Range for Varmint, Target, Hunting & Tactical

Please ask us if your required projectile is not yet listed - we will get it in for you ASAP!

Use the  Berger Twist Rate Stability Calculator (click below link) to determine if the selected projectile is right for your gun.
Price: $108.95
98.06 AUD
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Berrys Bullets


  • Berry's Manufacturing Bullets
  • Various Styles of 100% Copper Plated Bullets
  • Swaged, Plated & Sized Again for Consistency
  • Made in USA

Berry's Bullets come in over 50 styles and are all plated with pure copper to minimise exposure to lead. Indicated price is for a pack of 200 count 45 cal projectiles. Please select required caliber and pack size to confirm individual price which may be less or more than that indicated.
List Price: $129.95
Price: $74.95
67.46 AUD
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Bullet Proof Load Development Sample Packs


  • Packs Contain 12 Projectiles
  • Test Your Load Before Buying in Bulk
  • Save Unecessary Expense in the Early Stages of Load Development
  • Includes Barnes, Berger, Hornady & Nosler 
Select your chosen projectile from the drop down menu below, then select 'Add to Cart' before proceeding to checkout.

Note: Our price of $18.95 is a nominal 'mid-range' price.  The actual price for a specific bullet may be less or more than this.  You can see the actual pricing before purchase when you select your required projectile from the drop down menu below.
List Price: $24.95
Price: $18.95
17.06 AUD
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Federal Projectiles Trophy Bonded, Edge TLR, Fusion
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Fusion, Edge TLR and Trophy Bonded 
Premium Bonded Projectile(s)

50 packs.

Also available in 12 round deveolpments packs (not TLR or Fusion)

  • Robust bonding maximises weight retention
  • High performance polymer tip for flat trajectory
  • Exterior skiving for optimum expansion
  • Solid shank for bone crushing penetration
  • Grooved shank minimises fouling and improves accuracy
  • Boat tail design
  • Very Hi BC in the TLR
  • Demonstarted expansion out to 900 metres (TLR)
List Price: $66.20
Price: $59.95
53.96 AUD
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Frontier 38/357cal, 158gr FP - 1000


  Frontier (Rusa) 38/357cal 158gr FP projectiles - 1000 pack
List Price: $99.00
Price: $199.00
179.10 AUD
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Frontier 38/357cal, 158gr RN - 1000


 Frontier 38/357cal, 158gr RN - 1000
List Price: $199.00
Price: $199.00
179.10 AUD
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Frontier 44cal, 200gr FN - 1000


List Price: $219.99
Price: $219.99
197.99 AUD
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