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Dillon 550/650 Powder Measure


  • Dillon 550/650 Powder Measure
  • Mount on a spare tool head
  • Speeds Up calibre chnages
  • Part Number #20782
List Price: $179.95
Price: $184.95
166.46 AUD
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Forster Long Drop Tube


  • Forster Long Drop Tube for Bench Rest Powder Measure
  • Replaces Standards Drop Tube
  • Increase Powder Charge Using a Long Drop
List Price: $39.95
Price: $34.95
31.46 AUD
Out of Stock

Frankford Arsenal  Powder Measure


  • Frankford Arsenal Powder Measure
  • Precision Machined Surfaces For Precise Fit and Function
  • Universal Meter With Precise Reference Marks
  • Works With Ball, Flake And Extruded Powder
  • Standard 7/8-14 Threads For Mounting To A Press
  • Two Mounting Stands Included - Bench or Shelf
  • Part #909292

List Price: $179.95
Price: $159.95
143.96 AUD
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Frankford Arsenal Powder Trickler


  • Large Powder Capacity
  • Heavy Machine Steel Prevents Tip Overs
  • Dispenses Consistently & Precisely
  • Good Height Fits Most Powder Scales
  • Comes with Dust Cover/Non Skid Base
  • Frankford Arsenal Part #903535
List Price: $59.95
Price: $52.95
47.66 AUD
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Harrell's BR Premium Powder Measure


Harrell's Description:

This new benchrest premium measure adds to our premium roller bearing line of powder measures. It has the same accuracy of all our measures, the durability and smoothness of our premium measures, and comes in a smaller package.
List Price: $499.95
Price: $549.95
494.96 AUD
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Harrell's Classic Culver Measure


Harrell's Description:

his measure is made for the discriminating shooter, the person who insists his measure look as good as his fine custom or benchrest rifles. It has our finest double roller bearing construction. The top and bottom screw off and, are green anodized. The center is polished and nickel plated. We think this is the finest classic designed Culver measure ever. You simply can not buy a better made, more durable, longer lasting, better looking or more accurrate measure, at any price. Try one for yourself, see and feel the difference between this measure and an ordinary custom measure without the roller bearings. You will agree there is no comparison.
6-120 grain capacity

List Price: $649.95
Price: $599.95
539.96 AUD
Out of Stock

Harrell's Custom 90 Culver Measure


Harrell's Description:

Designed for varmint hunters and benchrest shooters. This measure has the same quality as our most expensive measure, but without all of the expensive bells and whistles. The handle is quicker and cheaper to produce. A thumb screw holds the drop tube in. The baffle is a steel washer instead of a machined brass one. The body is machined aluminum that is a hard coat anodized with Teflon in it. This is an extremely hard durable finish. It is almost wear proof. It's so hard sandpaper won't even scratch it. In these ways we are able to take much time out of the manufacturing process without any sacrifice in accuracy or quality. This measure has been proven, in independent scientific testing, to be as accurate as any measure ever produced.

6-90 grain

List Price: $409.95
Price: $369.95
332.96 AUD
Out of Stock

Harrell's Premium Powder Measure


Harrell's Description:

Our new PREMIUM Culver type measure is the finest measure we have ever made. It has two precision roller bearings, one on each end of the metering device, to reduce vertical play to a few ten thousandths of an inch. They also make it incredibly smooth, for a much better feel.


Left or right hand use
Four cutting edges, two left and two right hand
Brass metering device encapsulated in a stainless steel bushing
New space saving design with 16 ounce bottle
120 grain, 200 click, 6 clicks between numbers, .1 grain per click adjustment, easily converts to 4 clicks

List Price: $519.95
Price: $469.95
422.96 AUD
Out of Stock

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