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How to Shoot Fast & Accurately


  • Six of the fastest pistol shooters in the world demonstarte their techniques
  • Slow motion segments
  • Complete how-to information on:
  • Draw, grip, stance, sight picture, trogger pull, practice techniques & much more.
  • 60 minutes.
List Price: $49.95
Price: $39.95
34.76 AUD
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Mastering the AR-15


  • Everything you needed to know about the AR-15
  • Shooting techniques for 2-200 MetresDisassembly, Cleaning, Reassembly, Maintenance
  • Learn Grip, Stance, Trigger Control, Sight Picture & 4 Practical shooting positions.
  • Self Defence Shooting Positions & Much More
  • 120 minutes.
List Price: $39.95
Price: $29.95
26.06 AUD
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Police Survival Shooting


  • Presented by Massad Ayoob, one of the most accomplished police trainers in the USA
  • Covers all phases of shooting, reloading & cover concealment.
  • Also includes criminal aprehension with pistol & shotgun.
  • 60 minutes.
List Price: $39.95
Price: $34.95
30.41 AUD
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Sighting in Handguns


  • Lenny Magill demonstrates & decribes the complete process
  • Learn how to adjust iron sights, scopes, red dot & laser sights.
  • Detailed close ups show how to move the sights
  • Demonstrates and explanation of chronograph use.
  • 78 minutes.
List Price: $49.95
Price: $39.95
34.76 AUD
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