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10 July 18

Very popular Chargemaster Lite back in stock.

Brand new in stock - Peterson Brass.  Outshoots and outlasts Lapua for less cost.  If we don't have your calibre in stock then we can order it in for you. 30 reloads + from .308 cases.  Numerous reports of incredible results from this quality brass.  
After five firings of Peterson .338 Lapua Brass, the primer pockets are as tight as after the first firing. As a point of interest, Norma brass only yields two firings at this velocity level before the primer pockets become extremely loose and virtually unusable. Primer pockets on Lapua brass are good for about four firings before they start to open up. In my twenty years of competitive shooing, I have never seen brass as good as Peterson."

veral RCBS scales are out of stock. I have some on backrder.  If you want one then please contact us for pre-order. 

New Federal Premiun Edge TLR in 30 Cal in stock.

New Specials below.

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Nosler Projectiles
Nosler Projectiles
5% OFF 5% OFF Accubond, Ballistic Tip ... Tapered Gilding Metal Ja....
List Price: $66.55

Peterson Brass Cases
Peterson Brass Cases
Manufactured in Peterson Cartridge’s new, state-of-the-art case li....
List Price: $99.95

ProChrono Digital
ProChrono Digital
Measure bullet, arrow, shotgun & pellet speeds fromm 25 -7000 Ft/sec....
List Price: $299.95

Wilson Case Trimmer - Standard
Wilson Case Trimmer - Standard
10% OFF 10% OFF Upgraded Wilson Case Trimmer - Stainless Steel Use....
List Price: $129.95

Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler
Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Case Tumbler
Frankford Arsenal Case Tumbler Uniuque Bowl Design Increases Brass Ag....
List Price: $229.95

Dillon CM-500 Case/Media Separator
Dillon CM-500 Case/Media Separator
Dillon Small Case/Media Separator & Tub Works Great - Removes Med....
List Price: $219.95


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