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11th Nov 19

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NOTE: We will be shipping all Peterson brass out now in a Case Gard ammo container (vice bag).  Or you will get the standard Peterson Case.

Pre-Order your Dillon 750.  $1350 for the bare press (requires calibre converstion).

New Peterson Brass just in.  Plugged a few gaps in the Reding dies as well.

Forster C0-Ax presses due in 3 weeks.  I haven't been allocated many so contact me if you want the best single stage press avaialble here. 

Check out Specials below.

Current Specials
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V3 AutoTrickler and Auto Throw for A&D
V3 AutoTrickler and Auto Throw for A&D
AutoTrickler is compatible with A&D FX and FZ 120i, 200i, 300i, and 500....
List Price: $1,199.99

Xtreme Projectiles
Xtreme Projectiles
Xtreme Bullets Consistent Weights = Repeatable Accuracy ....
List Price: $195.00

Optimus HBC 308 155-grain (100)
Optimus HBC 308 155-grain (100)
Consistency everytime: Bullet Length = 1..220 Meplat = < 0.0....
List Price: $45.00

RCBS Summit Reloading Press
RCBS Summit Reloading Press
Top rated single stage press. Latest Single Stage  Press from RC....
List Price: $529.95

Hornady Case Prep Duo
Hornady Case Prep Duo
Speed Up Case Preparation & Make it Easier High Torque 2-Spe....
List Price: $114.95

Lyman Brass Smith Victory Press Set
Lyman Brass Smith Victory Press Set
The Lyman Brass-Smith Victory Press is the workhorse of our line. You can....
List Price: $439.95


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