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Action & Barrel Tools

Action & barrel tools allow the home gunsmith to remove or assemble barrels & actions. Some of these high quality tools are also able to be rented to keep costs down.

Adhesives & Thread Lock

We sell a range of thread locking products including Pachmayer Threadlocker and Uncle Mikes Thread lock and Adhesives. These products are made specially to assist the Home Gunsmith ensure that screws remain where set without working loose. Anti-Seize compounds and Anti-Cam-Out products are also found in this category.

Bluing & Finishing

Products for gun bluing and stock finishing. Gunstock waxes, stock & checker oil, wax treated cloths etc

Bore Lapping

Bore lapping is undertaken when the home gunsmith desires a 'cleaner' or smoother bore on his/her firearm.

Box Cutters

Broken Shell Extractors

Broken shell extractors can save a hunting trip, or a day at the range. Over used or faulty brass can break causing the shoulder and neck to remain stuck in the chamber. Broken shell extractors allow you to remove the broken portion easily without field stripping the rifle.

Calipers - Gunsmithing

A large range of calipers for your gunsmithing needs - vernier, dial & digital. Metric and Imperial. Aerospace, LiMiT, Mitutoyo.

Checkering tools & Chisels

Dem-Bart checkering tools are perfect for repairing or carving new checkering. We have sets great for beginners and sets for experienced craftsmen. Larger chisels, in the right hands can be used for inleting.


We stock a range of drill bits for gunsmithing and other precision engineering jobs. High Speed Steel (HSS) drill bits are suitable for drilling aluminium and other soft metals. To successfully drill hard metals like stainless steel and cast iron, drill bits ideally should be Cobalt or Titanium coated. Cobalt bits are not coated, they are made from solid cobalt steel. The more the cobalt, the harder the steel. A minimum of 5% Cobalt should be used to achieve M35 class Cobalt steel. This has a Rockwell C hardness rating of 65.5 to 67. Titanium Coating is much harder at 82 Rockwell C, but because the titanium is just a surface coating, if the drill bit is sharpened the hardness of the bit will reduce.


Feeler Gauges

Need to check a gap - brass and steel feeler gauges - .0015" (0.04mm) - .035" (0.89mm). Handy in all workshops...

Files & Stones

Diamond files & Arkansas Stones for your gunsmithing and general engineering needs. Small Diamond files to large steel files - flat, square, round, half round, tapered, triangular...

Firearm Spare Parts - Universal

Spare parts for a range of rifles are found in the section.

Gun Mats

Gun mats protect both the firearm that is being worked on but also the bench top from spilled solvents etc.



Specialist hammers for gunsmiths - Hammer heads in plastic, rubber & brass. Don't risk damaging that expensive weapon...

Headspace Gauges

Ensure your gun is safe to fire - check the head space on your gun yourself. A full range of headspace guages for sale or rent ...

Hooks & Picks

Hooks & Picks are very useful for retrieving or holding very small items where using fingers is too clumsy.


Our magnifying category includes magnifying loupes which are useful when working on a small section of a firearm. Also included are magnifying glasses which are usually supported on the head with a strap or band.


High accuracy outside measuring micrometers 0-1", measuring sets, Aerospace, Mitutoyo. Depth measuring micrometers. Everything for measuring ...

Planes & Spokeshaves

Planes & Spokeshaves are used for stockmaking.


Quality Irwin Tools pliers at affordable prices. Stockist of Irwin and other quality products. Specialist gunsmithing supplies.


Brass punches, pin punches, roll pin punches, steel punches, gunsmith punch sets. Need a punch check here for metric and imperial sizes.

Recoil Pads

Whether its a slip-on, precision or grind to fit we either have in stock or can get the right pad for you. Limbsaver and Pachmyer are two of the most popular recoil pads available.


Stainless steel workshop rulers 300mm (12") metric one side, imperial the other. An absolute must in a workshop only $4.95ea ....

Scope Covers

ScopeCoat and other quality scope covers to protect your scope while cleaning or hunting ...

Scope Mounting

Scope mounting can be undertaken with a minimum of tools. However, to achieve best results, particularly when extreme accuracy is important, the use of specialist scope mounting tools and equipment is recommended. The use of a torque wrench will provide uniformity and assist accuracy.


Gunsmith screwdrivers and screwdriver sets. Security bit sets, hex, torx, ballend all below list price. Forster, Lyman, Wheeler, Bondhus, Gorilla Grip and other quality brands.

Screws & Hardware

Need a screw for your firearm? Hard to find screws at realistic prices. Order 1 screw or 100, make your firearm look great and be safe again.


Scribers are used to mark metal objects prior to cutting or drilling. They are used when a permanent mark is required on the work surface.


Gun security is essential to ensure your firearms are kept safe & secure in your premises. Master Lock Cable Gun Locks can be fitted through the action of pistols, pump action shotguns or lever action rifles to help maintain security.

Soft Jaws

Wagner Soft Jaws are perfect for home gunsmiths. They transform you engineers vise into a gunsmith vise in seconds. The magnetic polyurethane jaws grip firmly, but protect delicate firearm parts including barrels, stocks, bolts & trigger assemblies.


Gunsprings for firing pins, ejectors, hammers etc


Stockmaking and general workshop squares. Craftsman from USA, LiMiT from Scandinavia check out our range at www.workshopinnovation.co.nz

Stock Making, Bedding & Inleting

We stock a range of Glass Bedding Kits & Inleting products designed to help gunsmiths with their stock making. Miles Gilbert produce quality products for this purpose.

Stock Finishing

Birchwood Casey is the first choice of professional looking to finish their stocks to a beautiful finish. We stock a large range of stock finishing oils, sealers, conditioners & stains.


Hogue OverMolded rifle stocks and grips are perfect if you want to upgrade from an untidy or unwanted stock. They are manufactured to tight tolerance to achieve the best possible fit.

Taps & Dies

Tap & Die sets are great to have around the workshop for repairing threads on cleaning rods & brushes to cutting new threads in new projects. We also stock individual taps in gunsmithing sizes for those worn or burred threads in holes that need a re-cut or general clean up.

Throat Erosion Gauges

Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches & torque screw drivers are helpful tools for home gunsmiths who want to achieve and maintain the correct torque on screws and bolts used on their firearms.

Trigger Pull Gauges

Check the trigger pull weight on your gun - Lyman electronic gauges make this easy to do yourself. Simple quick and easy a must for any trigger work or checking your new purchase ...


We stock a large range of Timney triggers. These American made triggers provide a crisp release and many models have adjustable trigger weight. We also stock other brands of triggers including Volquartsen triggers & CMC triggers whilst other brands can be sourced as needed. Integral with installing a new trigger is checking and adjusting the trigger pull weight. Use of a trigger pull scale is the ideal way to achieve optimal accuracy. We have in stock a range of spring and electronic trigger pull gauges and scales.

Vices & Clamping

Woodworking bench vices, Quick Grip clamps, drill press vises. Wagner Magnetic Soft Jaws - turn your old engineers vise in a gunsmiths clamping station.

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