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Discounted books on gunsmithing, reloading, cartridges & more ...



Measure Bullet Speed, Measure Arrow Speed, Measure Paintball Speed - use Shooting Chrony...

Cleaning +

Gun cleaning products at great prices. Flitz, Hoppes, Dem-Bart ...

DVDs +

Ruger, Winchester, AR15, Colt, Glock, AK ...Possibly the largest range of gun related DVD's in Australasia. Huge selection of instructional gunsmithing DVD's and more...

Eye Protection

Safety glasses should be worn when working with power tools in the gunsmithing shop or when shooting at the range. This is particularly important when firing reloaded cartridges.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are a fantastic way to buy a friend a present. This is especially so when you know what their hobby is but don't know what item they need or would appreciate. Our vouchers are redeemable online at face value for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.

Gunsmithing +

Home Gunsmithing covers a huge range of tools & equipment for home gunsmiths to help with any project you care to undertake.

Hearing Protection

The Peltor Range of earmuffs and ear plugs is one of the best available. The SportTac model of electronic earmuffs is designed specifically for hunters & shooters and gives automatic protection from harmful impulse noises but amplifies weaker noises.

Hunting Gear +

Selected hunting gear that we have tested in the field and a confident that it performs to a high standard ...


Items in this category include manufacturers promotional items, hats, T-shirts etc

Moisture Control

Moisture control is important to protect the value of your firearm collection, or anything that can be adversely affected by high humidity or moisture. Dry Pack silica gel packs absorb moisture and are full rechargeable when they reach their capacity to provide years of use. Heaters are also used to keep gun safes warm, which in turn minimises condensation.

Reloading Stuff +

All sorts of reloading tools and equipment. Consumables including Primers, Projectiles and Brass are found here. A range of quality dies & presses from Lyman, Hornady, Redding, RCBS, Forster, Wilson, Lee & others.


Snap-Caps & Dummy Rounds in many calibers from A-Zoom, Pachmayer & others. In stock for fast delivery...

This Week's Specials

See whats New and 'On Sale' at Workshop Innovation Ltd. Every week new items sold at crazy prices - a home gunsmith & reloaders paradise!


We stock a range of targets including the large Caldwell Kill Zone Magnum Rifle Gong which can handle any caliber as well as smaller Plink & Swing metal targets for pistols and some paper targets.

Tool & Gauge Rental

Rent head space gauges here. We stock top quality Forster head space gauges. Rent and save your capital for better uses. We also rent barrel wrenches, chronographs and other items that you may want to use, but not own. Rent for two weeks or longer, there is now a rental option for gunsmithing and reloading equipment in NZ.

Pistol Stuff +

Pistol tools, Pistol Hardware, Pistol gear, Pistol Equipment...

Rifle Stuff +

Rifle Tools, Rifle Hardware, Rifle, Equipment, Rifle Gear ...

Shotgun Stuff +

Shotgun Tools, Shotgun Hardware, Shotgun Equipment, Shotgun Gear ...

Airguns & Accessories

Airguns come in a variety of formats, in both pistol and rifle.


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