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13th August 

Note:  Sipments from the USA are being delayed and stock can be hard to obtain due to CONUS domestic demand. 

We can import Alpha Munition brass to order.

Pluged some gaps in the Berger line.  Have 2 sets of the hard to find Redding Deluxe die sets in 6mm/223

Redding, Lapua Shipment due shortly. 

Berger indent order placed in October for shippment towards years end.

Dillon  XL750s arriving in 3-4 weeks. There is a waiting list outside the USA for these now.  Strongly reccomend pre-order.  These are no arriving without a calibre conversion. 

Peterson Brass just in including brand new 28 Nosler. 

Check out Specials below.

Current Specials
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Hogue Stocks & Grips
Hogue Stocks & Grips
$80 off $80 off - they have got to go.!!!!!! Only 2 left in Remington....
List Price: $179.95

Redding T-7 Turret Press
Redding T-7 Turret Press
Cast Iron Construction - Heavy! Powerful Compound Linkage with Ove....
List Price: $799.95

Projectiles Clearance
Projectiles Clearance
Huge Reductions!   Quality projectiles - several brands Over stock....
List Price: $40.00

Berger Bullets
Berger Bullets
All Berger Bullets are Match Grade High BC for Excellent Retained....
List Price: $0.00

Frankford Arsenal M-Press
Frankford Arsenal M-Press
$100 OFF! $100 OFF!!!!!!!!! Heavy duty service. Center mounted handl....
List Price: $699.95

Lyman A8 Turret Press
Lyman A8 Turret Press
Lyman"s Brass Smith 8-Station Turret Press is the most feature-packed,....
List Price: $599.95


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