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One of the best ways to determine the quality and reliability of a business is to review customer feedback.  We are only too happy for you to have access to this and below is a link to our TradeMe accounts where you can gauge feedback from some of our first customers that bought off us using TradeMe. Also, here are a few testimonials from customers who bought  directly from our website.

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If you wish to inquire about purchasing powder, please email us at sales@workshopinnovation.co.nz or phone Robert on 021 747831. 

We are unable to ship powder  economically by courier or NZ Post because it is a dangerous good.  However we can arrange the following:

Auckland Customers -
 we can arrange to meet you in/near Albany by mutual agreement.
Wellington Customers -
we can arrange for you to collect directly from our supplier.
Other Customers -
we can arrange for your powder to be delivered during the supplier powder run which occurs 2-3 times per year. You need to be able to collect from them at a town which is included in their normal schedule.

If you have a substantial order for powder, please ring and enquire about shipping options.  In many instances, it may become economical to ship directly to you from our suppliers.

We can supply a range of powder, but as supply of many brands is problematic and unreliable at present; we may not have all products available.  We recommend you hold 12 months supply and reorder at the 6 month mark to ensure you do not run out.

Brands and indicative prices for small containers are below.  Bulk packs are also available for some products. Some powders may vary in price.

ADI               $66.95
Alliant          $79.95
Hodgdon      $78.95
IMR               $79.95
Vihtavouri    $109.95
Winchester  $79.95

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