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Oct 16th 2017

This week we are selling Speer projectiles at $15/box off - existing stock only.  Great opportunity to grab a quality projectile at a fantastic price!

All Berger Bullets $10 off a box.

Specials on Lee Classic Turret Press Kit, Lyman Cyclone Tumblers, Beta Chrony and Gun mats.

Also new to the market; Federal Trophy Bonded projectiles - load development packs available.

We have hot prices on all of the Shooting Chrony - check out the site.

No limits but no shops please.

Current Specials
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Gun Mats
Gun Mats
20% OFF - 20% off Protect your Gun from Scratches Protect your Ben....
List Price: $49.95

Shooting Chrony - Beta
Shooting Chrony - Beta
Heavily Discounted! Beta Chrony - Coloured Blue Measure bullet sp....
List Price: $299.95

Federal Projectiles
Federal Projectiles
First time available in NZ Premium Bonded Projectile Also available in....
List Price: $66.20

Lyman Cyclone Rotary Case Tumbler
Lyman Cyclone Rotary Case Tumbler
$50 OFF! Lyman Cyclone Rotary Case Tumbler Fast & Efficie....
List Price: $569.95

Speer Projectiles
Speer Projectiles
$15 OFF - $15 OFF - $15 OFF Reliable, Precise & Proven Perfo....
List Price: $69.95

Lee Classic Turret Press Kit
Lee Classic Turret Press Kit
15% off - 15% off   Lee Classic Turret Press Kit A Great W....
List Price: $499.95


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