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One of the best ways to determine the quality and reliability of a business is to review customer feedback.  We are only too happy for you to have access to this and below is a link to our TradeMe accounts where you can gauge feedback from some of our first customers that bought off us using TradeMe. Also, here are a few testimonials from customers who bought  directly from our website.

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Jan 18th 2017

Note:  I am out of country for the next 10 days.  I will answer texts and emails.  Orders will be shipped Mon - Fri.

Forster and K&M shipments have arrived.  Please check the site if you have been waiting for anything.

Now have the FX Pan Precision scale back on the shelves.  Accurate to 0.001g!  The best you can buy. These are the FX-500i. I've priced them the same as my previous FX-300i. 

Continued specials on all Redding presses, shooting Chrony and Sierra projectiles.

Also new to the market; Federal Trophy Bonded projectiles - load development packs available.  I use these in my 7mm and can vouch for them.

Please check your Spam folder if you are expecting an email from me.  Been having a few miss clients inboxes lately.

Current Specials
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Kestrel - Shooters Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics & Bluetooth
Kestrel - Shooters Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics & Bluetooth
4500 series - now discontinued.  Great discounted price! Save $100s ....
List Price: $1,499.95

Lee Classic Turret Press Kit
Lee Classic Turret Press Kit
15% off - 15% off   Lee Classic Turret Press Kit A Great W....
List Price: $499.95

Sierra Projectiles
Sierra Projectiles
Sierra Projectiles 100 Pack (unless indicated). Match King, Game King....
List Price: $79.95

Shooting Chrony - F1
Shooting Chrony - F1
$40 off- $40 off Shooting Chrony F1 - Coloured Green The Shooting....
List Price: $229.95

Federal Projectiles
Federal Projectiles
First time available in NZ Premium Bonded Projectile Also available in....
List Price: $66.20

Gun Mats
Gun Mats
20% OFF - 20% off Protect your Gun from Scratches Protect your Ben....
List Price: $49.95


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